August 02, 2022

Not Sure Where to Find Real Estate Diversification?

1031 Exchanges/DSTs Article

Owning property in an investment portfolio provides a complementary source for potential return and income; however, most investors are not professionally trained with robust insights on real estate m[...] Read More

July 25, 2022

Zero Cash Flow DSTs

1031 Exchanges/DSTs Article

A Potential Solution to Cover 1031 Exchange Debt Requirements Meeting the debt replacement requirement is an important aspect of the 1031 tax-deferred exchange transaction. In order to earn the tax be[...] Read More

July 08, 2022

Looking for a 1031 Exchange Replacement Property?

1031 Exchanges/DSTs Article

To execute a successful 1031 exchange transaction, there are specific guidelines and procedures that must be followed. Investors will need to identify a replacement property within 45 days of the sale[...] Read More

July 05, 2022

Your Advisory Fees and 1031 Exchanges

1031 Exchanges/DSTs Article

More and more, fiduciaries are turning to private real estate to diversify their clients’ portfolios, provide an alternative source of income, generate non-correlated return profiles, and offer tax be[...] Read More

June 23, 2022

2021 IPC Dispositions

1031 Exchanges/DSTs Video

Inland Private Capital Corporation’s (IPC) active asset management throughout 2021 spurred a wave of dispositions that totaled more than $1.5 billion. Hear from Keith Lampi, IPC’s President & COO,[...] Read More

June 16, 2022

Understanding DST Fees and Expenses

1031 Exchanges/DSTs

Evaluating fund fees and expenses is key to investment analysis and an important component of advisory services. Balancing the benefits and costs of every investment is integral to your fiduciary duty[...] Read More

June 02, 2022

1031 Exchange Documents for a Successful Transaction

1031 Exchanges/DSTs Article

In previous posts, we have discussed the requirements of a 1031 Exchange and the importance of complying with those requirements to help ensure a successful transaction. Fortunately, there is a series[...] Read More

April 19, 2022

Creating Generational Wealth Utilizing DSTs as a Wealth Transfer Strategy for Clients

1031 Exchanges/DSTs

Utilizing DSTs as a wealth transfer strategy for clients RIAs may often recommend a Delaware statutory trust (DST) to clients who own investment property and are considering a 1031 exchange. As an inv[...] Read More

April 07, 2022

Transform Your Clients’ Tax and Estate Plans with DSTs

1031 Exchanges/DSTs Article

Discover how you can expand your services to clients who own investment property. Read More

March 31, 2022

Why are fiduciaries asking about the 1031 exchange?

1031 Exchanges/DSTs Article

Chances are, you have clients who hold investment property and may have heard them mention a 1031 exchange. That wouldn’t be surprising, considering this 100-year-old provision of the Internal Revenue[...] Read More