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August 18, 2022

Investing in Manufactured Housing Communities: Another Perspective

Manufactured Housing Article

Manufactured Housing Communities (MHCs) are drawing increasing interest among institutional investors, shining a spotlight on this little-known sector of the commercial real estate industry. As noted [...] Read More

August 15, 2022

Considering Real Estate for your Heirs?

1031 Exchanges/DSTs Article

There are few financial tasks more important than estate planning for those with significant assets. It is sensible to not only identify the heirs of each asset, but also to ease future tax or adminis[...] Read More

August 11, 2022

Are there different types of CRE Credit?

Capital Markets/Commercial Real Estate Article

Evaluating the potential risks and returns of a commercial real estate (CRE) investment opportunity is one of the most important tasks you perform for your clients. And understanding the different lay[...] Read More

August 02, 2022

Not Sure Where to Find Real Estate Diversification?

1031 Exchanges/DSTs Article

Owning property in an investment portfolio provides a complementary source for potential return and income; however, most investors are not professionally trained with robust insights on real estate m[...] Read More

July 28, 2022

Can CRE Credit serve as an interest rate hedge in a rising rate environment?

Capital Markets/Commercial Real Estate Article

The Federal Reserve is raising interest rates aggressively this year to help slow the highest inflation we have seen in forty years – and it is negatively impacting the bond markets. According to a re[...] Read More

July 25, 2022

Zero Cash Flow DSTs

1031 Exchanges/DSTs Article

A Potential Solution to Cover 1031 Exchange Debt Requirements Meeting the debt replacement requirement is an important aspect of the 1031 tax-deferred exchange transaction. In order to earn the tax be[...] Read More

July 21, 2022

Commercial Real Estate. The Consummate Inflation Hedge?

Capital Markets/Commercial Real Estate Article

Swift and Soaring With the May 2022 consumer price index weighing in at 8.6% year over year, few believe that our 40-year high inflation is going away any time soon. And the fact the rise in consumer [...] Read More

July 19, 2022

What is CRE Credit?

Article CRE Credit

Like most advisors, you have likely explored a range of alternative asset classes to identify investment strategies that can help you reduce the impacts of rising rates, persistent inflation, and vola[...] Read More

July 15, 2022

Case Study: Sale of Wholesale Club Portfolio Provides 153% Total Return to Investors

Case Study

As one of the industry's top providers of securitized replacement properties for 1031 exchange transactions, Inland Private Capital Corporation (IPC) continues to perform for investors with its sale o[...] Read More

July 14, 2022

Crypto Gains? Lower Your Taxes and Invest for Impact With Opportunity Zones

QOZs Article

Have Clients with Crypto Gains? Help them defer their capital gains and access impact investing Read More