Introduction to Inbound Marketing

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by John Gulino

Marketing & Sales Efforts in Today's Digital World

Marketing and sales techniques are evolving and many in the financial service industry are looking for effective ways to acquire new clients. Traditional prospecting methods include: 

  • Cold calling
  • Blast emails
  • Referrals
  • Direct mail
  • Client appreciation events

And they aren’t working very well in today’s digital world.

Think Differently and Change your Approach

Don’t get discouraged because there is an approach to growing your business that works remarkably well. That approach is called inbound marketing, and 58% [need source] of industry leaders in the financial services industry have already made the switch to some form of this efficient tactic.

Inbound marketing is a methodology that is about meeting your best prospects where they are all day, every day – online. Just think about it. We all have information available at our fingertips. If we have a question or problem, we simply search for the answer or “Google it.”

Knowing that potential new clients are doing research and looking for answers online, inbound marketing helps put you in front of them with timely and relevant information when they need it. 

Inbound marketing works like a cycle – you are always attracting, converting and closing new clients, and getting referrals. Clients respect and appreciate this type of marketing approach because you’re helping educate them versus selling to them. That’s why inbound marketing is such a great opportunity for financial professionals. 

The Four Stages to Inbound Marketing:


  • Attract – The first stage. Content helps inform and educate clients and is readily available during an online search.
  • Convert – The second stage. Content draws prospects to your website, blog or social platforms. You are earning the right to know your prospects better and beginning to interact with them.
  • Close – The third stage. One-to-one communications continue to feed prospects with content that helps them make a final decision. You are closing the client.
  • Delight – The final stage. Provide continued support to clients as a trusted expert. Clients become great advocates and then begin referring you to others. This is important because prospects care more than ever about what your clients have to say about you.

Inbound Marketing Builds Relationships

Today, relationships are created online. As a financial professional, you must first earn a prospect’s attention and trust. This is done by sharing your knowledge and guiding clients to make informed decisions. As you become a trusted professional, clients are far more likely to work with you than someone who hasn’t made the effort to know and help them.

If you are disappointed with the results of your current marketing efforts, know that you're not alone. The entire financial services industry is waking up to the reality that traditional prospecting tactics are a thing of the past.

Inbound marketing offers a proven solution for attracting, converting, and closing the types of prospective clients you’d like to have, and once they become clients, benefiting from the power of their referrals. In addition, inbound marketing helps align marketing, sales and support functions to work toward the same goal.

Learn more about inbound marketing by registering for The Inland Academy and downloading our free resources today!

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