April 19, 2022

Creating Generational Wealth Utilizing DSTs as a Wealth Transfer Strategy for Clients


Utilizing DSTs as a wealth transfer strategy for clients RIAs may often recommend a Delaware statutory trust (DST) to clients who own investment property and are considering a 1031 exchange. As an inv[...] Read More

April 07, 2022

Transform Your Clients’ Tax and Estate Plans with DSTs

DST retirement succession plan

Discover how you can expand your services to clients who own investment property. Read More

April 08, 2021

DST Sponsor Due Diligence

DST Due Diligence

What to know when evaluating a DST sponsor A Delaware statutory trust, or DST, is an investment vehicle that offers an accredited investor the opportunity to own a fractional interest in institutional[...] Read More

July 24, 2020

DSTs May Rescue Stranded 1031 Exchangers


The current environment is disrupting many 1031 exchanges, but DSTs offer solutions Here’s the scenario. After receiving that fantastic offer that you hoped to get on your investment property, you hav[...] Read More

May 28, 2020

Using the Delaware Statutory Trust to Grow Your Practice


The Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) has become an increasingly important part of the financial planning discussions advisors have with their clients. While not every client owns income producing real e[...] Read More

February 26, 2020

DSTs and Staying on the Right Side of Compliance & the Regulators - RIA Edition

1031 Exchange DST RIA Compliance

Many advisors experience compliance anxiety at the mere mention of private placements or the increasingly popular Delaware statutory trusts (DSTs). Introduce the idea that they can reach prospects int[...] Read More

December 23, 2019

Don’t let your 1031 exchange get the “boot”

1031 Exchange DST Real Estate

A 1031 exchange is a powerful tax code provision that can, when executed properly, allow a taxpayer to swap one business or investment property for another. An important topic to be familiar with when[...] Read More

October 17, 2019

8 Reasons to Consider DSTs

1031 Exchange DST

How Advisors Are Helping Clients Interested in Selling a Business Property Financial advisors may miss opportunities to grow their practice within their own client base. One area that may be overlooke[...] Read More

October 03, 2019

How DSTs Help Financial Advisors Build Centers of Influence

1031 Exchange Inbound Marketing Inbound Sales DST

Harvesting the Opportunities of a Strong COI Network Your role as a financial advisor licensed to conduct business using securitized investments is one of the most important relationships a business p[...] Read More